11/19/2019     Women’s Forum Global Meeting/Paris

10/24/2019     Panelist, Equity Now at Mount Sinai, New York, NY

10/23/2019      Busboys Books Presents: Speaking of Feminism, Washington, DC 

10/15/2019     Family Values at Work Gamechanger Awards Emcee

10/4/2019       WOC Beyond Belief Conference/Speech

10/3/2019       Peacecon Conference Panel

9/26/2019       NARAL 50th Anniversary Panel/Speech

9/25/2019       Network Of Women Executives National Conference Keynote

9/23/2019       National Women’s Legislators Conference, Speech/Online Harassment

9/18/2019       Ultimate Women in Business Summit, Keynote

9/17/2019     Feminist Press Feminist Power Awards 2019, panelist with Dr. Brittney                               Cooper, Rebecca Traister, and Cindi Leive, New York, NY

9/12/2019      Women's Media Center Online News Association, Identity, Reputation and                         Risk in the Newsroom, Symposium Moderator 

8/18/2019       In Conversation with Sen Kirsten Gillibrand/The Outrage

8/6/2019         National Democratic Institute Annual Convening/Panelist

5/28/2019       Solid State Books/Amanda Montell Conversation

3/26/2019       Anuradha Bhagwati Politics and Prose Book Talk

3/11/2019       FREYA Book Panel, The Wing DC

9/5/2019         NPR TED Radio Hour

5/22/2019       World Bank, Speech

5/6/2019         EMOTION Women's Day conference Keynote

5/3/2019         FOLD Literary Festival Keynote Panel

5/2/2019         University of Toronto Rotman School of Management Speech

4/29/2019       Davis & Elkins College Speech/Teleconference

4/1/2019         Harvard Business School, Gender and Work Symposium, Speech

3/29/2019       Massachusetts Institution of Technology, Speech

3/27/2019       Georgetown Women’s Forum Speech

3/10/2018       All About Women, Speech, Sydney Opera House, Sydney Australia

3/6/2019         Adelaide Book Festival, Feminism Today panel, Adelaide, Australia

3/4/2019         Wheeler Center Speech, Speech/In conversation, Melbourne, Australia

3/29/19           MIT, Gender, Culture, Women, and Sexuality (GCWS) Conference, 

3/10/19           Sydney Opera House, All About Women  

3/6/19             Adelaide Book Festival, Australia  

3/2/19             Melbourne Book Festival,  Australia 

2/11/19           Author Event, Brazos Bookstore, Houston, TX 

1/19/19          Author Event, Kramer Books, Washington, DC  

1/14/19          Powershift Summit, Washington, DC

JUL 12    Seattle, WA / KUOW (NPR) / Battle Tactics For Your Sexist Workplace / Interview 

JUL 15    Kirkus Reviews / Starred Review 

JUL 16    Publishers Weekly / Review 

JUL 23    The Takeaway / NPR / Roundtable with Mara Wilson and Brittney Cooper   

JUN 15    Publishers Weekly / The On-Sale Calendar: September 2018 

JUN 2    The Guardian / Books to Give Us Hope 

JUN 22    Publishers Weekly / Fall 2018 Announcements: Politics & Current Events 

JUN 25    The Guardian / Laura Bates Picks Five Books on How to Achieve Gender Equality 

JUN 8    The Rumpus / What To Read When You've Made It Halfway Through 2018 

JUL 12    Seattle, WA / KUOW (NPR) / Battle Tactics For Your Sexist Workplace / Interview 

JUL 15    Kirkus Reviews / Starred Review 

JUL 16    Publishers Weekly / Review 

JUL 23    The Takeaway / NPR / Roundtable with Mara Wilson and Brittney Cooper   

AUG 1    Booklist / Starred Review

AUG 1    Library Journal / Review

AUG 1    Required Reading (blog) / Fall 2018 Non-Fiction Preview 

AUG 24    BOOKLIST / Reviews of the Week 

AUG 27    ELLE / Quoted in an article on Sharp Objects with book mention 

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AUG 28    The Woolfer / Newsletter Inclusion 

AUG 31    Bustle / The 17 Best Nonfiction Books Coming Out In September 2018 

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SEP 6    SHELF AWARENESS / Attainment: New Titles Out Next Week 

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SEP 10    Bitch Media / Bitch Reads 

SEP 10    Bitch Media / Roundtable with Fed Up author Gemma Hartley for Bitch's week-long series about women's rage

SEP 10    New York Journal of Books / Review 

SEP 10    The Strand / Medium Post : 9 Multi-Genre Books Strand Recommends This Month- Feminist 

SEP 11    Book Riot / All the Books Podcast / New Releases and More -listen at 6:30 

SEP 11    Book Riot / Like These '80s/'90s Songs? Read These Books 

SEP 11    Bookpage / Review 

SEP 11    BUST MAGAZINE / Review 

SEP 11    Bustle / The New Bob Woodward Book & 10 Other Books You Need To Know This Week 

SEP 11    DAME MAGAZINE / Excerpt 

SEP 11    Easy Vegan / Blog Review 

SEP 11    Electric Literature / Interview - Why Aren’t Women Allowed to be Angry? 

SEP 11    GUARDIAN / Interview on Serena Williams incident 

SEP 11    Salon / Live on SalonTV This Week 

SEP 11    Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and S / Short Takes - exact date TK

SEP 11    TED Ideas / Excerpt from Rage Becomes Her

SEP 11    The Guardian / Interview - ‘Of course Serena Williams was angry’: writer Soraya Chemaly on why women should unleash their rage 

SEP 11    The Rumpus / Review 

SEP 11    Unscrewed Podcast / Interview 

SEP 12    On Point / NPR / Live Interview   

SEP 12    Open Mind / PBS / Interview 

SEP 12    Salon (Facebook) / Salon Talks Interview 

SEP 13    Daily Collegian / Five New Books to Read in September 

SEP 14    Mashable / Feature 

SEP 14    The Rumpus / What To Read When You're Fed Up With Men 

SEP 14    Washington City Paper / To Do This Weekend 

SEP 14    WASHINGTON POST / Op-Ed - Five Myths About Anger 

SEP 15    Kirkus Reviews / Mention in Clay Smith's column

SEP 17    Bustle / 15 New Books With Fall-Colored Covers To Bring Some Autumn Fun To Your Nightstand 

SEP 17    Bustle / Review 

SEP 18    Edge of Sports / The Nation / Podcast Interview   

SEP 18    SHELF AWARENESS / Starred Review 

SEP 19    BOOK PEOPLE'S BLOG / What We’re Reading This Week 

SEP 19    Columbia Journal / Interview 

SEP 19    MSNBC Live with Ali Velshi / MSNBC / Interview on the Brett Kavanaugh controversy 

SEP 20    The New Republic / Press Release with Book Mention 

SEP 21    MS. MAGAZINE BLOG / Review 

SEP 21    NBC THINK / Interview 

SEP 23    League of Awkward Unicorns Podcast / Interview   

SEP 23    WASHINGTON POST / Joint Review with Good and Mad in Outlook Section 

SEP 24    BoldLatina / Review 

SEP 24    PEOPLE / 9/24 Issue

SEP 24    Rantt Media / Mention in article 'Why American Women Are Done Being Silent And Ready To Use Their Rage' 

SEP 25    GUARDIAN / Quoted with book mention in article 'The Republican party is about to face the wrath of women' 

SEP 25    Literary Hub (lithub.com) / Inclusion of New Republic round-up in Lit Hub Daily 

SEP 25    Publishers Weekly / Inclusion of New Republic round-up in PW Daily

SEP 26    Book Riot / 10 New Books on Anger, Feminism, and Unruly Women 

SEP 26    Daily Kos / Good News Round Up, Wednesday September 26, 2018 

SEP 26    Ms. Magazine / Facebook Live 

SEP 27    Book Marks / 5 Book Reviews You Need to Read This Week 

SEP 27    Bookforum / In The Age of #MeToo Round-Up 

SEP 27    Bustle / Women Are Angrier Than Ever — And These 3 Books Explore What That Means 

SEP 27    Chicago Tribune / Repost of Washington Post Review 

SEP 27    Electric Literature / A Master Class in Women’s Rage Lesson 13: Hear Us Roar 

SEP 27    Huffington Post / Quoted with book mention in article 'Christine Blasey Ford Didn’t Have The Luxury Of Being Angry' 

SEP 27    Literary Hub (lithub.com) / Inclusion of Book Marks Round-up in Lit Hub Daily 

SEP 27    Los Angeles, CA / KPFK / Background Briefing / Interview 

SEP 27    NEW YORK TIMES / Quoted with book mention in article 'When the News Itself Is a Form of Trauma' 

SEP 28    Pacific Standard / Joint Review with Good and Mad 

SEP 28    TIME MAGAZINE / Women's Rage Is the Most Powerful Engine of 2018 - Joint Review with Good and Mad and Fed Up 

SEP 28    Virginian Pilot / Repost of Washington Post Review 

SEP 29    Weekend Edition / NPR / Interview with Scott Simon on the Kavanaugh hearings - exact air date TK

SEP 30    / Women’s Media Center Live / Interview   

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OCT 1    Book Riot / Books to Empower Feminists 

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OCT 1    Medium / Review 

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OCT 1    New Republic / Join Review with Good and Mad and Eloquent Rage - October Issue 

OCT 1    Salon / Mention in article 'Welcome to Bee Season! Women Are Furious, But You Knew That Already' 

OCT 1    San Francisco, CA / KALW-FM / In Deep with Angie Coiro / Will tape the event at Kepler's and air the conversation

OCT 1    Thrive Global / Joint Review with Good and Mad 

OCT 1    Vox / Quoted with book mention in article 'What Brett Kavanaugh’s Defenders Get Wrong About Women’s Anger' 

OCT 3    1A / NPR / Panel on Women’s Rage /Anger with Rebecca Traister and Brittney Cooper   

OCT 3    Huffington Post / Join Review with Good and Mad 

OCT 3    LOS ANGELES REVIEW OF BOOKS / Mention in Article 'Breaking Our Silence with Anger' 

OCT 3    San Francisco, CA / KPFA / UpFront / Interview 

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OCT 6    Quartz / Quartzy The Newsletter: Rage-Related Reading 

OCT 6    Yahoo Lifestyle / Repost of Harpers Bazaar article 

OCT 7    The Intercept / Join Review with Rebecca Traister's Good and Mad 

OCT 8    Democracy Now / Interview w/ book mention 'Where Does #MeToo Go from Here? Women Are “On Fire” with Rage as Kavanaugh Joins Supreme Court' 

OCT 8    Michaela / HLN / Interview 

OCT 8    The Strand / Medium Post : Hope Is A Good Book 

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OCT 10    Bitch Media / Bitch Reads: 15 Nonfiction Books Feminists Should Read This Fall 

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OCT 10    VICE Broadly / Quoted with book mention in article 'A Year of #MeToo Exhausted Women—And Renewed Our Collective Hope' 

OCT 11    NATIONAL REVIEW ONLINE / Review in article 'Rage is the Machine' 

OCT 13    NEW YORK TIMES / Mention in article 'Enraged by Their Times, Women of Ambition Seize the Stage' 

OCT 13    Philadelphia Inquirer / Article with book mention in 'How 13 women are channeling their anger about the state of America right now into action' 

OCT 14    CNN.com / Quoted with book mention in article 'What's next for #MeToo after Kavanaugh's confirmation' 

OCT 14    New York Times Book Review / Joint Review with Good and Mad 

OCT 15    Bustle / 20 Feminist Book Quotes That Will Reenergize You Right Now 

OCT 15    NEW YORKER / Joint Review with Good and Mad, Eloquent Rage, and The Monarchy of Fear 

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OCT 2    Fast Company / Interview 


OCT 2    Publishers Weekly / Mention 

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NOV 4    Creative Loafing / Mention in article 'Do men marry b*tches or what?' 

NOV 5    Democracy Now / Interview w/ book mention 'Self-Proclaimed Misogynist Murders 2 Women at Florida Yoga Studio' 

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NOV 8    WASHINGTON POST / Op-Ed with book mention - Women in politics are the new, unexceptional normal 

NOV 11    Glamour / Mention in 'The Biggest Moments From Glamour's 2018 Women of the Year Summit' 

NOV 13    North Carolina / WUNC-FM / The State of Things / Interview 

NOV 13    Salon / Mention in Fed Up Review 

NOV 14    TEEN VOGUE / Mention in 'The Resurgence of Witches in Pop Culture, Like Sabrina, and in "AHS Coven" and "Charmed," Reflects Women in the Real World' 

NOV 15    SELF.COM / 21 Best Books of 2018 to Buy for the Bookworm in Your Life 

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NOV 26    FOXNEWS.COM / Mention in 'How the left is profiting from Trump hate' 

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DEC 4    Bustle / 'The Handmaid's Tale' Sequel Is Coming Next Year — Here's What To Read In The Meantime 

DEC 4    Electric Literature / Mention in article 'Goodbye, Dead Girl—Hello, Killer Woman' 

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DEC 6    WASHINGTON POST / Quoted with book mention in article 'Parents should encourage girls to get angry and show it. Here’s how.' 

DEC 6    WASHINGTON POST / The most illuminating, self-involved, sycophantic and helpful books I read in 2018 — and the best one, too: The most illuminating books I read in 2018 - Good and Mad & Rage Becomes Her 

DEC 7    Vogue / Mention in 'A New Theatrical Adaptation of Network Is All About the Rage' 

DEC 10    Autostraddle / 50 of the Best Feminist Books of 2018 

DEC 11    Book Riot / Best Books of 2018 

DEC 11    Greater Good / Our Favorite Books of 2018 

DEC 11    Psychology Today / Top 10 Psychology Books of 2018 

DEC 12    Code Switch / NPR / Code Switch's 2018 Book Guide - listen at 23:20   

2018 National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL), Two Truths and a Lie: Active Media Consumption in a Digital Age, May 31, 2018

Panelist, Women's Forum, Georgetown University. May 4, 2018 

Speaker, Win with Women Conference, American Women's Party, May 14, 2018 

The University of Penn Center for Media at Risk at Penn’s Annenberg School for Communication Keynote Speech for launch of Center, April 19

Maret, speaker, Day of Dialogue, April 3, 2018

NDI Expert Roundtable participant, "Masculinities and Politics: Examining Approaches to Securing Men’s Commitment to Gender Equitable Policies and Political Institutions" January 25-26

The Phillips Collection, speaker/panelist To Future Women panel, February 13

Georgetown Day School,  January 19, 2018, speaker, Summit on Sexual Assault 

Resisting Women's Political Leadership: Theories, Data, Solutions, Rutgers University Eagleton Institute, May 22-26, 2017

Feminism in the Age of Trump, NPR's Indivisible, April 17, 2017

American Association of University Women, How Women Internalize Sexism, Moderator, March 24, 2017

University of Texas, Austin, speaker, Online Harassment and Women in Journalism, March 23, 2017

Princeton University, Internet Hate Speech, Fake News, and Armies of Trolls, March 14, 2017

Council of Europe at the Commission on the Status of Women, New York, 13 March 2017

Can She Say That? Women Creating Civility Online, SXSW, March 12, 2017 (Cancelled)

Can We Take a Joke; When Outrage and Comedy Collide, Hunter College, March 9, 2017

Gender and Social Media, NYU, March 9, 2017

Keynote Speaker and workshop moderator, Gender Equality, Sexual Harassment and Violence, Berkeley Carroll School, New York, New York, February 24th

Armies of Trolls: A discussion of the Troll Farm Phenomenon, December 13, 2016

She Should Run National Conversation, Washington, DC December 6, 2016

Speaker, New York University and Center for Women's Global Leadership 25th Anniversary of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence Campaign, November 30, 2016

GDS Policy Institute Sexual Assault and Consent Symposium, November 17, 2016

Women in Sports Media, Georgetown University, November 16, 2016

Yale Women's Leadership Initiative, November 12, 2016

2016 U.S. Election Program and Seventh Global Elections Organization Conference, Breakfast Plenary: Women’s Leadership in the Electoral Process: 2016 and Beyond 

WomenExplore, Boston, MA, October 20, 2016

2016 National College Media Convention, October 23, 2016

Canadian Parliament, Commission on the Status of Women, Sept 5, 2016

Women in Secularism Conference, September 23-25, 2016

Girls Globe Media Girls Govern Town Hall, George Washington University, September 14, 2016 

Gender and Education, Biennial Conference, Linköping University, Sweden , June, 15-17 2016

How Portrayals of Gender Shape Ideas about Sexual Violence, International Summit to End Sexual Violence, Fordham University, July 10-11, 2016

Keynote Panel - Trolls, Online Harassment and Women in Media, News Impact Summit, European Journalism Center and Google News Labs, London School of Economics, London: May 13, 2016   

Digital Security: The Global Experience of Girls and Women,  The ISC Project, April 6, 2016

Feminism in a Man's World, Georgetown Day School, Washington, DC May 6, 2015

Women Deliver, United Nations Foundation Journalism Fellowship, Copenhagen, Denmark, May 15- 19th, 2016

Speaker/Workshop Facilitator, ISC Global Workshop on Internet Freedom, May 10th

WMC Speech Project and Online Abuse, Georgetown University, April 12, 2016

Seeking Solutions To End Sexual Violence Symposium, Columbia University, April 10, 2016

SXSW, Online Harassment Panel with Jamia Wilson, Wendy Davis, Meredith Walker , Austin, Texas, March 13-16, 2015

Feminist.Org, New York, 20th Anniversary Conference, December 2, 2015 

Feminism, Free Speech and The Internet, University of Virginia, November 18, 2015

Sex, Gender and Politics, Reading and Discussion, Georgetown University, November 4, 2105,  Washington, DC 

Humans and Artificial Intelligence, 2015 THRIVALS, September 29, 2015 Louisville Ideafest, Louisville, KY

2015 Online News Association Conference, Online Harassment and Women in Journalism, Sept. 24-26, 2015 in Los Angeles.  Keynote Panel with Amanda Hess, Laurie Penny, Dr. Michelle Ferrier, Sarah Jeong. Video of panel discussion.

How Sexism Shapes Human Knowledge. TEDxBarcelona Women, June 10-11, 2015, Barcelona

Just Words: Free Speech and Social Change, May 1, 2015, Dartmouth College,  

Fulfilling The Beijing Platform's Call for a Multi-Sector Approach to Preventing and Eliminating Violence Against Women, Breaktthrough Panel, United Nations,  March 10, 2015, New York

Breaking The Mold, Women in Media, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Feb. 6, 2015, Boston

Harnessing the Media to Spotlight Violations of Women’s Human Rights, ABA Section of International Law’s 2015 Spring Meeting

Media and Rape Mythologies, Berkeley National Conference on College Sexual Assault and Violence, Media Workshop, Feb 27, 2015 Berkeley, CA. 

Ballard Spahr Women's Law Conference, Women and Media, April 29, 2015Philadelphia

Raise Your Voice: Effecting Change Through Social Media, Western Michigan University, March 3, 2015, Kalamazoo, MI

Diversity in Tech Panelist, State of the Net, The Newseum, Washington DC, Jan 27

Speaker, Rally For Equality, Constitution Day, Capitol Hill, Washington, DC September 2014

Womanity Conference, Arizona State University, April 18, 2104

Fulfilling the Beijing Platform’s Call for a Multi-Sector Approach to Preventing and Eliminating Violence Against Women, Breakthrough, February, 2014

Social Media and Activism Panel, 2015 YWCA USA Annual Conference

Feminist Perspectives on the First Amendment, a Conversation with Professor Mark Tushnet, Harvard Law School, March 10

Does Gender Inhibit Free Speech? Women in Leadership Conference, Yale Law School, Feb 1, 2014

Speaker, Women in Secularism Conference, September, 2014

Gender and Inequality, Why Women's Rights Still Matter, Sparer Symposium, University of Pennsylvania Law School, Feb 21, 2014

2014 Annual Women of Color Network Conference: The Intersection of Media, Sexual Violence, & Communities of Color, Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Violence, Nov 6

Keynote on Women in Society, Women's Month, Alma College, March, 2014

Speaker, We Are Women, Rally, Washington, DC March, 2104

Speaker, Digital Citizenship Forum, Digital Diplomacy Series, Italian Embassy, Washington, DC, February, 2014

Personal Democracy Forum Hashtag Activism Panel, June 2104

Georgetown University,  Culture Communication Technology, Guest Speaker, gender and digital media March 2014

George Mason, Guest Speaker on gender in media, May, 2014

American University, Guest Speaker on gender in the digital world, November 2014

Why Feminism?, Holton Arms School, October, 2014

The End of Men?, The Potomac School, May, 2014

Speaker, Women in Secularism Conference, September, 2013

Pen America, A Hangout with Erica Jong, September, 2013

Engagements and MEDIA 


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