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SEP 11    The Guardian / Interview - ‘Of course Serena Williams was angry’: writer Soraya Chemaly on why women should unleash their rage  

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SEP 30    / Women’s Media Center Live / Interview     

SEP 30    Eugene Register-Guard / Repost of Washington Post Review  

OCT 1    ELLE / Round-Up: All the Best New Books and Films Are About Female Anger  

OCT 1    New Republic / Join Review with Good and Mad and Eloquent Rage - October Issue  

OCT 1    San Francisco, CA / KALW-FM / In Deep with Angie Coiro / Will tape the event at Kepler's and air the conversation

OCT 1    Medium / Review  

OCT 1    Thrive Global / Joint Review with Good and Mad  

OCT 1    Moneyish /  'Activists Like Rose McGowan Tell Moneyish What the Next Year of #MeToo Needs To Do'  

OCT 1    Book Riot / Books to Empower Feminists  

OCT 1    Vox / 'What Brett Kavanaugh’s Defenders Get Wrong About Women’s Anger'  

OCT 1    Salon / 'Welcome to Bee Season! Women Are Furious, But You Knew That Already'  

OCT 2    MICHIGAN DAILY / Review  

OCT 2    Fast Company / Interview  

OCT 2    The Nation /  'A Woman Can Never Be Likable Enough'  

OCT 3    San Francisco, CA / KPFA / UpFront / Interview  

OCT 3    1A / NPR / Panel on Women’s Rage /Anger with Rebecca Traister and Brittney Cooper     

OCT 4    NBC NEWS / In the Know: Women in the news 10/1 - 10/4  

OCT 3    LOS ANGELES REVIEW OF BOOKS /  'Breaking Our Silence with Anger'  

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OCT 4    WASHINGTON POST /  'Our Sexist Double Standards on Anger'  

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OCT 6    Harper's Bazaar /  'With Kavanaugh Confirmed, It’s Time to Burn It Down'  

OCT 6    Yahoo Lifestyle / Repost of Harpers Bazaar article  

OCT 6    Quartz / Quartzy The Newsletter: Rage-Related Reading  

OCT 7    The Intercept / Join Review with Rebecca Traister's Good and Mad  

OCT 8    Democracy Now /  'Where Does #MeToo Go from Here? Women Are “On Fire” with Rage as Kavanaugh Joins Supreme Court'  

OCT 8    Michaela / HLN / Interview  

OCT 8    The Strand / Medium Post : Hope Is A Good Book  

OCT 9    Deseret News / Women are being encouraged to express rage. Is this a good thing?  

OCT 10    Bitch Media / Bitch Reads: 15 Nonfiction Books Feminists Should Read This Fall  

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OCT 10    Mashable / 9 Books to Read If You're Mad As Hell At The Patriarchy  

OCT 11    NATIONAL REVIEW ONLINE / Review in article 'Rage is the Machine'  

OCT 13    NEW YORK TIMES /  'Enraged by Their Times, Women of Ambition Seize the Stage'  

OCT 13    Philadelphia Inquirer /  'How 13 women are channeling their anger about the state of America right now into action'  

OCT 14    New York Times Book Review / Joint Review with Good and Mad  

OCT 14    CNN.com /  'What's next for #MeToo after Kavanaugh's confirmation'  

OCT 15    NEW YORKER / Joint Review with Good and Mad, Eloquent Rage, and The Monarchy of Fear  

OCT 15    Tonstant Weader / Blog Review  

OCT 15    Bustle / 20 Feminist Book Quotes That Will Reenergize You Right Now  

OCT 16    Vox /  'Shitty Media Men List creator Moira Donegan on the year in #MeToo'  

OCT 19    Sex Out Loud / VOICEAMERICA / Interview     

OCT 19    The Rumpus / What To Read When Our Country is Ruled by Sexual Predators  

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OCT 22    Bustle / 10 New Political Books To Read Before The 2018 Midterm Elections  

OCT 23    Bitch Media /  'Rebecca Solnit on Activism, Outrage, and A Way Forward'  

OCT 23    Vox /  'Rage rooms are the latest self-care craze that won’t make us feel any better'  

OCT 24    DAME MAGAZINE / Joint Interview with Brittney Cooper  

OCT 24    HelloGiggles / 11 Feminist Books to Gift Your Bestie Who's Busy Smashing the Patriarchy  

OCT 25    Washington Post's The Lily /  '10 Fears More Terrifying Than Monsters'  

OCT 26    REWIRE NEWS / All the Rage That’s Fit to Print: Four Books on Female Fury  

OCT 26    Bitch Media / Turning Fury Into Fuel: Three Women Authors on Publishing's New Investment in Anger  

OCT 29    Medium / Two Books for Women to Read Right Now on Harnessing Rage and Building a Road Map to Channel It  

OCT 30    Bossed Up Podcast / Interview     

OCT 30    Bitch Media / BitchReads Book Club - Inaugural Selection  

NOV 3    The Pool /  'As women, we must connect to our anger – even when we’re told not to'  

NOV 4    Creative Loafing /  'Do men marry b*tches or what?'  

NOV 5    Democracy Now / Interview w/ 'Self-Proclaimed Misogynist Murders 2 Women at Florida Yoga Studio'  

NOV 11    Glamour /  'The Biggest Moments From Glamour's 2018 Women of the Year Summit'  

NOV 13    North Carolina / WUNC-FM / The State of Things / Interview  

NOV 14    TEEN VOGUE /  'The Resurgence of Witches in Pop Culture, Like Sabrina, and in "AHS Coven" and "Charmed," Reflects Women in the Real World'  

NOV 15  SELF.COM / 21 Best Books of 2018 to Buy for the Bookworm in Your Life  

NOV 16    Vogue /  'Confrontational Activism—Is it Here to Stay?'  

NOV 26    On Point / NPR / The Year In Books: Taking A Look At The Top Titles Of 2018 - listen at 34:43     

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DEC 4    Electric Literature /  'Goodbye, Dead Girl—Hello, Killer Woman'  

DEC 4    Bustle / 'The Handmaid's Tale' Sequel Is Coming Next Year — Here's What To Read In The Meantime  

DEC 5    C-VILLE Weekly / Interview  

DEC 6    WASHINGTON POST /  'Parents should encourage girls to get angry and show it. Here’s how.'  

DEC 6    WASHINGTON POST / The most illuminating, self-involved, sycophantic and helpful books I read in 2018 — and the best one, too: The most illuminating books I read in 2018 - Good and Mad & Rage Becomes Her  

DEC 7    Vogue /  'A New Theatrical Adaptation of Network Is All About the Rage'  

DEC 10    Autostraddle / 50 of the Best Feminist Books of 2018  

DEC 11    Psychology Today / Top 10 Psychology Books of 2018  

DEC 11    Book Riot / Best Books of 2018  

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DEC 12    Code Switch / NPR / Code Switch's 2018 Book Guide - listen at 23:20     

DEC 12    NPR Code Switch/ 2018 Favorite Books   

DEC 16    Hong Kong Free Press/ The best human rights books, October to December 2018   

DEC 17    Junkee/Netflix’s ‘Sabrina’ Is The Angry Young Feminist We’re Looking For 

DEC 17    The Kit/Best 2018 Books to Cuddle Up with As the Temperature Drops   

DEC 17    Fast Company/10 Best Books for Battling Your Sexist Workplace  

Gender and Culture

New York Times: Making Bathrooms More ‘Accommodating' 

The Telegraph: 42 awesome women you need in your life on Twitter

TakePart: New Guidelines Crack Down on Gender Bias in Policing

NPR's The Diane Rehm Show: Why Sexual Assault And Harassment Are So Common And What That Says About Our Culture

Free Speech

Cosmopolitan: How Five Prominent Women are Dealing with Trolls This Election Season

NPR WQED Forum: Online Harassment in the Spotlight 

NPR WBUR: #MoreThanMean: Bringing Online Harassment To Life

PolicyMic: This Is What Happens When You Report Online Harassment to the Police

New York Times: Facebook Says It Failed to Bar Posts With Hate Speech

Washington Post: The Conclusive Expert Guide to Saving Twitter From It's Trolls

Sexual Violence, VAW, and Rape Culture

Democracy Now: Mass Murders and Domestic Violence

Rabbleca RedEye: Link between intimate partner violence and mass killings

Think Progress: Profit And Peril In The Anti-Rape Industry

Think Progress: ‘You Shouldn’t Have To Have A Female Driver’: Uber’s Hiring Pledge Isn’t Enough

NPR WBUR On Point: Misogyny And Murder: Unpacking A Killing In California

Think Progress: Trump Campaign Embraces Rape Culture


CNN: Pizzagate is nothing new: GamerGate and revenge porn laid the groundwork

New York Times:  New project will document online harassment directed at women

MIC: New Study Reveals Truth About Online Harassment 

Washington Post: What that creepy new all-seeing eye emoji actually means

Washington Post: Twitter’s battle against abuse has high stakes for the company

Vice: At Last, Twitter Is (Maybe) Taking Sexist Abuse Seriously 

Bustle: The Women’s Media Center Speech Project Spreads Awareness Of Online Harassment, Because "Stay Off The Internet" Is Not A Viable Solution


Elle Magazine: 25 Inspiring Women to Follow on Twitter

Yahoo: The 9 Biggest Feminist Victories in 2015

The Guardian: #YesAllWomen Reveals The Constant Barrage of Sexism Women Face

Pink Sky: Top Ten Influential Women to Follow on Social Media

PolicyMic 27 Most Iconic Feminist Moments of 2014 

Books and Films

Targeted and Trolled: The Reality of Being a Woman Online by Rossalyn Warren 

The fourth wave of feminism: meet the rebel women by Kira Cochran

Gendertrolling. How Misogyny Went Viral by Karla Mantilla

Equal Means Equal, a documentary by Kamala Lopes

Netizens: The Documentary by Cynthia Lowen